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Best Welding Gloves For MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux (High Quality Leather)

image of a worker wearing welding gloves

Years of my welding experience have taught me that the best welding gloves are well worth the investment. Most of the welder injuries are gloves related. Gloves should provide safety, dexterity and durability.

Is that too much to ask?

Well, apparently it is. Most gloves on the market are cheap shadows of what a good welder’s glove should be. Depending on the type of welding you are working on, the choice of gloves can seriously impact your health and the quality of work. So it is not surprising that welders like myself are only after quality options even if they are only a few in the marketplace.

Every welder worth his salt takes his safety gear very seriously. It’s one thing to have an adequate piece of equipment that protects you from the extremes of heat and radiation that come with the job. It’s another thing entirely to possess a superior piece of equipment that is well made, long lasting, and actually contributes to quality work.

When it comes to your welding gloves, there may be no piece of equipment more commonly overlooked when it comes to quality. A cheap pair of gloves might protect you from a random piece of flying slag, but they will take away from your manual dexterity, and they could fail- leaving you vulnerable to an uncomfortable encounter with white hot metal.

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Here are our recommendations for the best welding gloves in the four major categories; Stick, MIG, TIG, and Flux Core.
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Review Of The Popular Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet (2019)


image of lincoln viking 3350 side and front view

Look, I am going straight to the point. I know that you are interested in the Lincoln Viking 3350 helmet and that you are either starting your research now or you have already read quite a lot on it. All that you need right now is to learn about the helmet, see the pros and cons and if there are certain things that you need to know for your specific needs.

But there aren’t really many good reviews out there that cover every aspect of this helmet and you will be left with doubts and blind spots for features or helmet usability. Welding can be tough and demanding work. If you are a professional welder, you need a helmet that does it all, does it well and does it comfortably.

This is why I decided to write this review and to share everything I know with you. As an experienced welder, I have seen it all (well, most of it, not to brag too much) and I know how important a good welding hood is for the quality of your work and especially your health.

Now let’s have a look at the helmet!

Quick overview of the features (2 minutes read)

The Visibility… (2 minute read)

The durability of the Helmet… (1 minute read)

How comfortable is it… (1 minute read)

The Adjustability… (1 minute read)

The Price Analysis… (2 minute read)
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Review of the Most Popular Lincoln Welder (Power MIG 210 MP)

image of lincoln electric 210MPWouldn’t it be great if you could buy one welder that can do all types of welding? You might have heard that Lincoln 210 mp is a MIG welder that fits the description.

Well, it almost is…

This Lincoln machine is certainly the best multi-process welder for home use on the market today. It has great features and super easy-to-use display. But it also has some minor but important drawbacks.

Take your time to read about it in this review down below before choosing to spend your hard earned money.

Main Features… (10 min read)

Pros & Cons … (5 min read)

Digital display … (5 min read)

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Best Welding Helmets With Modern Tech and Budget Alternatives 2019

Top 4 Best Welding Helmets in Action

As an experienced and professional welder or a hobbyist, you should understand the risks of the job. You also need to understand the value and the necessity of the good welding helmet that you own and use.

To do your job safely and effectively, protecting your eyes in the best way possible is not a waste of money! Be sure that no one needs a welder with bad eyesight!

What follows is our list of today’s best welding helmets available on the market. that will last for years, giving you the maximum utility and value.

These helmets offer the best value in their respective categories. They have been on the market and subjected to regular real-world use long enough that we have obtained plenty of reviews and practical data on the functionality, durability, and overall value of these helmets.

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Welders Guide: AC/DC How to Weld with Stick and TIG on Alternating Current

Welder using MIG torch

As a novice of the welding trade, you may from time to time hear your colleagues speak about different AC vs DC welding and what’s best to apply them when having some problems with welding. They will often talk about machines that can work on both direct and alternating current.

What to use? Which is better, AC or DC?

This is a frequently asked question in the workplace or on welding forums and is must-know knowledge when buying a TIG Welder (especially the more expensive ones).

So here is all that you need to know about this dilemma. Not to mention a few things that you don’t need to know but will help you better grasp the full picture.

AC/DC Differences

The graph of alternating and direct current. Image from:

AC and DC are different types of electrical current or voltage (V) used for the conduction and transmission of electrical energy all over the world. And what is electrical current?

It is the flow of charged particles the electrons. And the Difference between these two is in their flow.
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