What are the Highest Paying Welding Jobs in 2019?

Hull Technician 3rd Class Jose Rodriguez welds L-brackets together aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.


Everyone knows that welders are among the highest paid tradesmen. Welders who work hard to develop their skills and knowledge of the craft are able to benefit from high demand, and the ability to bargain for better pay and access to highly sought after positions.

A welder’s pay can vary greatly depending on the state they work in, the company they work for and the skill level they possess.

When choosing which niche to fill in the welding job market it is important to understand the difference between different welding positions. Some types of welding jobs pay much more than others for good reason. Some positions will require a welder to work in harsh or unpleasant conditions.

Many places where demand for welders is high, like Alaska, are known for difficult weather and challenging conditions. Welders are also frequently asked to leave their families for long periods of time at very remote work locations.

In many cases, the jobs can come with significant hazards as well. Remote locations, dangerous environments, and jobs that require the welder to work in an enclosed area generally pay much more than other welding jobs.

Underwater welding jobs are generally the most dangerous for a variety of reasons-and offer pay that few other welding positions could compete with.
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