Hello my name is Adam i ran this site whit some of my friends and colleagues.

I am a attested pipe welder.  Have years of experience on oil reservoirs and pipelines. I used many welders from a different manufacturers , i welded on top brands and also used cheap welders when i had to. I,m mainly a MIG/MAG(GMAW)  and Stick (SMAW) welder do i use TIG also in my garage.
Most  of my work goes to X-Rey and Hydrostatic tests so I believe i’m qualified enough to write this blogs and help you choose a good welder for your needs. so feel free to read this blogs and look at the machines wrote about, so u can make the best choice wile purchase welder for your need and here is links to amazon so u can check the prices right away.
thank you for visiting our site i hope it was Interesting for you

Adam Mason

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