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SEO Gelt DOO (LLC), with its director Nikola Gojkovic, is the owner and the operator of the website and its subdomains. The site is dedicated to teaching readers about the basics of the welding trade and informing people about the best ways to protect themselves from dangerous fumes and radiation.’s big part is also product reviews, specifically welding and cutting machines, protective gear, and welding tools in general.

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The site is monetized through Google’s Adsense ads and through affiliate links. SEO Gelt DOO and, by extension, are participants in a number of affiliate programs where we promote their store’s products through honest reviews on our blog:

We receive royalties throughout these platforms for every successful purchase of products on their home sites or on the Amazon website.

About the company

SEO Gelt DOO is a small LLC specializing in affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, monetizing, and selling of domains. We rarely work with clients outside of affiliate marketing, and we concentrate on our own domains, such as

Company Director: Nikola Gojkovic
Company ID Number: 21598208
Tax Identification Number: 112053871

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