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This is the part of our blog where we write everything you need to know about choosing welding as a career. You can be a surface or an underwater welder. No matter which way you go the possibilities are endless.. Working on oil rigs, aerospace, manufacturing or even owning your welding shop.. Welding is a career that just keeps on giving. If you have any sort of affinity for this trade, please give it a go and we hope that our articles below will help you make the right choice!

What are the best-paying welding jobs? What are the States where welder can earn the most buck for his work? What are the most dangerous welding career paths and what are the most lucrative? Where can I learn a welding trade and how much do I need to spend on it?
You will find answers (and more) to all these in these articles under this category on our blog. The smart thing is to do your diligence and do your research on these subjects before making these big steps in your life. Much will depend on what you choose…


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Best Welding Schools In USA

If you want to be a serious welder, you need a quality education. In this article, we selected the best welding schools that prioritize learning to weld. Actual time under the hood is very important when selecting the school but so is the theoretical knowledge.

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the Highest Paying Welding Jobs

Once you are ready to start welding as a career, you should pick a job that suits your style, location and income expectations. In this article, you will learn the different types of jobs and get a detailed overview of salary expectations all over the US.

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Best Underwater Welding Jobs

Underwater welding is an extremely lucrative career choice. Especially when it comes to money. You could earn a year's worth of surface welder salary in one month if you are a professional. In this article, you will learn what are the top paid jobs and salary expectations.


Everyone can be a welder. Well, everyone whos got what it takes that is.

Welding is a type of work that is extremely flexible in terms of what kind of a lifestyle you want to live. Wanna move much? Excellent, there is a lot of work for welders that can move around a lot. Wanna spend the rest of your life in a single spot? Easy-peasy. There will always be a welding job position nearby. Although some states have significantly higher salaries than others, if you wish to live in a state with a bit of a lower income for welders, that is a price you will have to pay.

However, you can dictate your career path as much as you want. Learn new things, get new certifications and increase your earnings drastically. All it takes is experience. The more you weld the more you are worth. The more papers you have the higher the income.

You can also open up your own welding shop and be your own boss. Welding is a trade that will have you earning as long as you are working!

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