Welder’s Protection

Welding protective gear will be your best friend when you are doing any kind of welding work. We may love our machines but ultimately it is your helmet keeping your eyes capable of making that almighty dollar. But the safety doesn't start and end with a good helmet as some welders like to believe. There are other pieces of essential protective equipment that are a must. In this blog section, we write everything you need to know about welding PPE and we do gear reviews to help you nail the gear choice. It sucks to overspend on your gear but it's even worse if you buy something of poor quality, especially safety gear.

Welding is a dangerous trade. Even if you are a DIY hobbyist you will need adequate safety gear.

Professionals and hobbyists alike can get arc eye, experience welding fumes symptoms, skin cancer and other dangerous health hazards.

Depending on your work intensity, the type of welding you do and work conditions, you will need different grades of protection. For hobbyists, this usually means spending less on personal protective gear but it is not always the case.

Professionals, on the other hand, need to protect themselves adequately at all times. If you are working as a welder day in and day out, you can't make a single compromise on your safety.

Our blog reviews welding helmets, gloves, boots and other welding protective equipment. Every article covers the high-end gear that will keep you safe in almost all conditions but we also cover affordable gear for beginners and hobbyists. But we also write in-depth articles covering safety issues you can experience in the workplace. Anything from welding fume fever to detail metal fabrication safety.


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Best Welding Helmet Reviews

What makes the best welding helmet for your use case, doesn't necessarily make it for someone else. Our work intensities and welding types differ and in this buying guide, you will learn everything you need to know to make your choice. We reviewed the best helmets for different budgets and uses to make it easy for you to find a hood that thicks all of the boxes.

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Welding Safety Equipment Checklist

A welding helmet is the most important element of a welder's safety but there are many others as well. In this article, you will learn exactly how to choose your welding safety PPE and which ones you may be able to skip. We will cover everything from the material types the gear get's made of to their usage and what each protects against.

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Metal Fabrication Safety

Metal fabrication requires a lot of welding, grinding, cutting, bending and SAFETY. The more of the last one, the least accidents and damages you will have. In this article, you will learn everything about metal fabrication safety. We will talk about mindset and how to identify risks beforehand and then we will dive into details when it comes to electrocution, physical injuries, welding-related injuries and others.


You should do a safety assessment prior to any welding work. If you conclude that you don't have adequate equipment you shouldn't weld until you find a safe way to do it.

There are various grades of welding personal protective equipment. A hobbyist will not need a $500 welding helmet but a professional should definitely think about getting the pro-level gear. It will significantly make your work easier, safer and overall better.

If you are a hobbyist and you don't do anything out of the ordinary, like welding dangerous metals, you could get by with basic gear. However, you should know exactly what kind of metal you are welding, with what electrodes and in what conditions. If you are welding indoors then you need a welding respirator. If you weld a lot then a weld fume extractor will also be needed.

Be especially mindful of welding metals that give off toxic fumes like galvanized steel. In such cases, you will need all of the protection that you can get.

We hope our articles will teach you what kind of hazards exist in the welding work and how to protect yourself accordingly. Remember to always follow your local safety laws and standards. Everything you read on the internet is supplementing information. Be very careful when you do any sort of welding work and especially in the beginner's stage until you learn what is what.

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