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This here is the Welding Symbols Chart that we put together.

It was not that easy but I believe that we got them all and that the explanation for each one of them will be sufficient for your needs whatever they might be.

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You can use this chart on your mobile when you need to remind yourself on work or print it and place it on the wall at your welding shop. In this E-book are 30 pages of explanations and well-done graphics that we give out here for free.

I hope that you will like it and I hope that it will help you to become a better welder and lay some better bits at your workplace and if not Just grind it a little…


  • Welding symbols introduction
  • Detailed welding symbols chart
  • Fillet weld examples
  • Square groove weld examples
  • Bevel Groove Weld
  • U groove weld
  • Flare-V groove weld
  • Flare bevel weld
  • Plug weld
  • Slot weld
  • Surfacing weld
  • Melt-through weld
  • Backing Bar Weld
  • Consumable insert weld
  • Spacer weld
  • Back/Backing weld
  • Weld all around
  • Contour and finishing examples
  • Spot weld
  • Seam weld
  • Edge Weld
  • Stud weld

Download Welding Symbols Hand Chart

While we tried to make the PDF file as small as possible. It may take a few seconds for you to download it. We had to keep it in high resolution so that it can be printed.