Review Of The Popular Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet – 2024

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Look, I am going straight to the point.

I know that you are interested in the Lincoln Viking 3350 helmet and that you are either starting your research now or you have already read quite a lot on it.

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All that you need right now is to learn about the helmet, see the pros and cons and if there are certain things that you need to know for your specific needs.

But there aren’t really many good reviews out there that cover every aspect of this helmet and you will be left with doubts and blind spots for features or helmet usability. Welding can be tough and demanding work. If you are a professional welder, you need a helmet that does it all, does it well and does it comfortably.

This is why I decided to write this review and to share everything I know with you. As an experienced welder, I have seen it all (well, most of it, not to brag too much) and I know how important a good welding hood is for the quality of your work and especially your health.

The Lincoln Viking 3350: Strong Points

Viking 3350 does a lot of things, and it does them well. While it’s not perfect- it might be perfect in certain situations.

It’s well built for safety, sturdily built for survival in a construction environment where things do go wrong sometimes.

It delivers the highest possible optical rating and is one of the biggest lenses on the market for a huge field of view. One of the most impressive features is the high sensitivity lens which works well even when working with low amp TIG.

If you’re looking for a helmet with a wide range of capabilities then Viking 3350 should have your attention. Its range of features and capabilities make it a great choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

It’s suitable for use in a wide array of industries such as general fabrication, power generation, shipbuilding, structural, offshore and pipeline. Its applications are stick, TIG, pulsed TIG, MIG, pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored, gouging, grinding and plasma cutting.

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2019 Update

Lincon released a new version for this legendary welding helmet last year that was a breath of new life to this old warrior. For around the same price you get some awesome features and improvements.

The biggest flaw, in my opinion, was the absence of an outside grinding button. that is now fixed, Grind button on the upper left side of a welding helmet. you need to hold it for 3 seconds for the mask to switch from dark to light mode and the other way around.

Sunlight Differentiation feature: Basically your helmet will now know the difference between the sun and the welding arc and will not flash you when you are working outside

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Longer battery life: There ware some improvements made to the ADF circuitry resulting in less consumption of energy ergo longer battery life.

The new awesome matte finish paint that I like much more than the previous shiny black.



  • Viewing area 3.74 in x 3.34 in (95 mm x 85 mm)
  • Auto darkening Lens switching speed 1/25,000s
  • 4 Arc sensors
  • Shading level DIN5-13 with internal control
  • Grind mode shade DIN3.5 with internal control
  • Battery: 1 CR2450 (Replaceable)
  • Weight: 595 grams or 21oz
  • 4C Lens technology – improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the lime green coloring of the view
  • Auto darkening lens technology
  • Perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN379)
  • Comfortable headgear and highly adjustable
  • Long battery life and solar charging
  • Cheater lens capable
  • Hard hat capable
  • 3 Year warranty

What About The Visibility?

The Viking 3350 has the best available optical clarity in all four visibility categories; class, diffusion, luminous transmittance variation, and angle dependence luminous transmission. It gets a perfect 1/1/1/1 optical rating in every category.

It features state of the art 4C lens technology, which optimizes visibility while keeping green-tinted glow to a minimum. This means that in terms of reducing eye strain, this is as good as it gets.

At 3.74” x 3.34,” the viewing area isn’t the largest out there, but it’s close. That means you’ll be able to see more, keep track of more, and not have to move your head around as much.

Optical Clarity

It’s a great feature, especially for beginners who might struggle to find the best position for optimal visibility. Even seasoned professionals will appreciate better control and more versatility.

Now on the safe side…

Four high tech sensors help ensure you don’t get flashed or experience blind spots while working. The auto-darkening shade will darken in 1/25000th of a second, which keeps excess UV light exposure down to almost nothing.

You also get a range of sensitivity settings from DIN5 to DIN13. Almost any welding task will be well served by this range with the exception of very low power TIG applications.

And finally, you get a grind mode with the right level of shading to let you see what you’re doing.

High Marks for Durability

Made from strong and resilient materials, the Viking 3350 is very sturdy.

BUT Wait!

The rigid and shiny exterior finish makes it vulnerable to superficial damage. So, if you’re fussy about your paint job- just be careful.

Rechargeable, replaceable solar batteries mean that if you do a lot of work in the sunlight, you may never have to recharge it yourself. Your helmet will always be powered up and ready to go when you need it.

It comes with a 3-year limited warranty, which shows you how much confidence Lincoln has in this model.

No Strain, No Pain

With the exception of some of the ultralight welding helmets out there, the Viking 3350 is one of the lightest and comfortable welding helmets around. Weighing in at just 595 grams or 21 ounces, it might cause some people to experience neck fatigue after a long hot day on the job. But most welders will find it a pleasure to wear.

Few, if any, adjustments will be needed once you get the internal rigging adjusted to your head for the optimal fit.

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It has a knob for adjusting the fitting that’s easy to use and stays in place once set. You won’t be fooling around with little tabs that don’t stay in place or break off. Better still, you will have the ability to adjust the distance of the mask from your face. This helps with comfort, makes room if you wear glasses, and ensures you get maximum visibility.

As mentioned above the 4C lens technology means you’ll get less eye strain than you would with any other helmet in this price range. You just can’t do any better. And finally, the Viking 3350 has an optional ventilation system that will keep the air moving to keep you cool. It’s a big bonus in hot and dusty environments, and a must in certain situations.

How is it Adjusted?

Controls located inside the hood are an analog interface with simple dial knobs. This gives you the ability to make very fine adjustments and is a lot faster and easier to use than push-button digital controls.

You don’t need to fool around with any on/off buttons. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 auto darkening welding helmet is always ready to go.

That’s a big deal when you need to get to work quickly without having to worry about whether or not the lens is going to respond to your arc.

Image of inner controls of Lincoln electric 3350

Just make sure the battery is charged, adjust the DIN anywhere from 5 to 13 to suit your needs and you’re good to go.

How Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Compares Money-wise

This welding helmet has everything a high end, professional grade helmet should have- and for that- it is reasonably priced.

If you’re a hobbyist or a beginner, the price tag might seem steep- but that’s because you get what you pay for.

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When you take into consideration the fact that it is a very well constructed sturdy helmet, good comfortable adjustment fittings, large viewing area and top of the line lens technology, you cannot deny that this helmet delivers.

You get a 3-year warranty, state of the art optical clarity, fully adjustable comfort settings, fine-tuned analog controls, and an almost unbeatable fit and finish- you really are getting your money’s worth.

You can spend a third of the money on a cheaper helmet, and regret it- or you can buy a professional grade welding helmet like the Lincoln Viking 3350- and have a helmet that you will love. Lincoln electric Viking 3350 helmet will make your work easier, safer, and more comfortable.

That being said, it’s still not ideal for low energy TIG applications. If you do a lot of TIG work, you might need to find something specialized for that kind of welding.


Frankly, there are few helmets that come close to the protection, quality, durability, and comfort that you get with the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350. If you’re a professional welder who joins metal full time, then we absolutely recommend this item. If, on the other hand, you’re an amateur, or just cannot justify the cost, this helmet may not be for you.

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