Welding schools in Maine

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This article has a complete list of welding schools in Maine.

You can see them all below.

But let me give you a bit of advice first when it comes to choosing your welding program.

Becoming a certified welder and getting all of the welding technology education is an excellent way to make your entrance to the trade.

However, you need to be sure that the welding program you will take aligns with your job and career idea. Welding trade is tough and the only way to survive is to love the industries you are a part of.

If you love pipe welding then make sure that your program has pipe focused classes for example. You will excel in your training classes much faster if you love what the school is teaching you.

Sure, tomorrow once you graduate, you could be working construction, fabrication or have employment in a welders shop of some sort. But while you are in school programs training it won’t feel as rewarding if you are not enjoying it.

Your school should have a program you like, a low student to teacher ratio, excellent equipment, quality welder education and skills transfer from the mentors to students. On top of that, it is great if the school is close to where you live but don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Welding career is worth all of the blood, sweat and tears let alone a few months or weeks away from the home.

The Average Welders Salary in Maine

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the US state of Maine has a $51,870 average annual salary for welders. This is a pretty big number and especially if you think about the high end jobs that are raising the bar of the average pay.

Indeed.com reports an average of $19,78 hourly wage for welder trade workers in this state. The Toyota and McDermott are the two highest paying employers for welders with $40,63 and $36,11 per hour respectively.

Maine has a lot of well-paid jobs but once you become a certified gas metal arc welding trade worker, you won’t have anything stopping you from working all over the US and even the world. Welders are always in demand almost everywhere on the planet. This career will let you experience travel, demanding work and have you prove yourself as someone who has what it takes to weld steel, get the job done and do it all while loving it.

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List of Welding Schools in Maine State

The welding schools below will all teach you arc welding and much more than that. You should research each of them and search for the welding program that works for you.

We tried to compile the most complete list of welding schools in Maine on the internet. If you would like to add or update a listing please contact us.

Welding schools in Portland, Maine

Portland Arts & Tech High School

Southern Maine Community College

  • South Portland campus: 2 Fort Road, South Portland, Maine 04106
  • Midcoast campus: 29 Sewall Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011
  • Phone number: 207-741-5500
  • Email: admissions@smccME.edu
  • Website: https://www.smccme.edu
  • Credentials: Certification

Welding schools in Bangor, Maine

Beal College

  • Address: 99 Farm Road, Bangor, ME 4401
  • Phone: 207-307-3900
  • Websitehttps://beal.edu/
  • Email: admissions@beal.edu
  • Credentials you get upon completion: Certification, Associate degree, AWS Accredited Test Facility

Eastern Maine Community College

  • Location: 354 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME 4401
  • Phone number: 800-286-9357
  • Email: admissions@emcc.edu
  • Websitehttps://www.emcc.edu
  • Credentials you get upon completion: Certification

Penobscot Job Corps Center

The rest of Maine Welding schools

Bath Regional Career and Technical Center

  • Address: 826 Shipbuilder Drive, Bath, ME 04530
  • Phone: 207-443-8257
  • Website: https://bathtech.rsu1.org
  • Email: jamie.carter@rsu1.org
  • Credentials you get upon completion: Certification

Central Maine Community College

  • Address: 1250 Turner Street, Auburn, ME 04530
  • Phone: 207-755-5100
  • Website: https://www.cmcc.edu
  • Email: enroll@cmcc.edu
  • Credentials you get upon completion: Certification

Kennebec Valley Community College

  • Address: 92 Western Avenue, Fairfield, ME 04937
  • Phone number: 207-453-5822
  • Websitehttps://www.kvcc.me.edu
  • Credentials you get upon completion: Certification

Lewiston Regional Technical Center

  • Address: 9156 East Avenue • Lewiston, ME 04240
  • Phone number: 207-795-4144
  • Websitehttp://lewiston.mainecte.org
  • Credentials you get upon completion: Certification

New England School of Metalwork

Northern Maine Community College

  • Address: 33 Edgemont Drive, Presque Isle, Maine ME 04210
  • Phone: 207-768-2700
  • Email: admissions@nmcc.edu
  • Websitehttps://www.nmcc.edu
  • Credentials: Certification

York County Community College

  • Address: 112 College Drive, Wells, ME 04090-5341
  • Phone number: 207-646-9282
  • Email: yehaye@yccc.edu
  • Website: https://www.yccc.edu
  • Credentials: Certification

Washington County Community College

  • Address: 1 College Dr, Calais, ME 4619
  • Phone: 800-210-6932
  • Websitehttps://www.wccc.me.edu
  • Email: admissions@wccc.me.edu
  • Credentials Offered: Certification


If you take a look at some of our other articles covering welding schools all over the USA you will notice that Maine has fewer welding schools than many other states. This however doesn’t mean that you can’t get into a good welding program.

Contact the schools you find appealing from the list and get their information. You will get a good idea of the school courses and classes after you contact their admission department.

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