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Black Friday/Cyber Monday are the favorite parts of the year, where you can get fantastic stuff at half a price or even less. While it all started in the US, Black Friday deals are now widespread, but what does that mean for you as a welder?

Last years, black Friday gave a chance even those with a tight budget to buy expensive welding equipment and machine, and those affordable welders, well, they became even cheaper.

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As our blog tends to get you the most for the money spent, we will keep track of this year’s Black Friday welding deals.

Where Should You Look For Black Friday Welding Deals?

Whether you are shopping for welding machines, welding helmet, or other welding equipment, it is as important where you buy your stuff as well as what things you are buying. Therefore, we decided to round up some of the best places to shop for welding equipment at the best prices.

These are all known for great deals, and reading the online reviews, the shops have significant customer rights and protection services, with good warranty options and customer service. Therefore, you can spend more time choosing the right piece of equipment rather than worrying about shipping and packaging.

YesWelder Welding Equipment Deals

YesWelder is slowly getting renowned as one of the best budget welding equipment manufacturers.

Their machines, consumables, and accessories are known for excellent value for the money spent. The latest additions brought equipment that suits even professional welders, but the best part about it is you don’t have to break the bank.

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If you’ve been following our blog, we offer a regular YesWelder coupon code for 10% discounts. But if you stop by during Black Friday sales, you can save up to 20% from the original price or even more. It does sound pretty tempting, so be sure to check out the official YesWelder website. In addition, here are our top picks and recommendations.

YesWelder recently launched its Black Friday campaign, and the first one is called Black Friday Early Bird Sale. During Nov. 1st – 14th, you will get 15% OFF on KG-Series Welders & Cutters. Here are some of our recommendations.

WelderNameProcessRated OutputDuty CycleDiscountPrice
yeswelder 205ds
YesWelder MIG-205DS
Multi-process Welder
MIG/Flux Core
Lift TIG
20-205 A60% at 200 A15% Nov 1-14th
20% Nov 15-30th
Check Current Price YesWelder
yeswelder 55DS

YesWelder CUT-55DS
YesWelder CUT-55DS Plasma CutterPlasma Cutting55A60% at 55A15% Nov 1-14th
20% Nov 15-30th
Check Current Price YesWelder
yeswelder 250Amp ACDCYesWelder TIG-250P AC/DC WelderAC/DC TIG
5-250 A60% at 250 A15% Nov 1-14th
20% Nov 15-30th
Check Current Price YesWelder

image of Yeswelder MIG Pro 250
YesWelder MIG-250 Pro Aluminum WelderMIG/Flux core40-250A60% at 250 A15% Nov 1-14th
20% Nov 15-30th
Check Current Price YesWelder
YesWelder ARC 165A
YesWelder ARC-165 Stick WelderStick/Arc
Lift TIG
20-160 A60% at 160 A15% Nov 1-14th
20% Nov 15-30th
Check Current Price YesWelder
YesWelder CT2050 7 in 1 welder
YesWelder CT2050 7 in 1 Welder And CutterAC/DC TIG, AC/DC Pulse TIG, Stick Welding, Plasma CuttingWeld 200 A
Cut 45 A
60% at 200 A15% Nov 1-14th
20% Nov 15-30th
Check Current Price YesWelder

From November 15th-30th, you get a chance to grab a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale with 20% off sitewide.

NorthernTools Welding Equipment

NorthernTools + Equipment has been selling equipment for novices, the weekend hobbyist, the serious do-it-yourselfer, full-fledged contractors, and trade professionals for over 40 years.

Today, there are over 120 store locations across more than 20 states, but it doesn’t stop there. Their functional website is packed with over 100.000 tools, hand tools, and accessories, including welding products.

northern tool logo

When browsing the NorthernTools shop, besides other welding equipment, you can find some of the best Hobart, ESAB, and Lincoln welders, as well as suitable accessories and consumables. While buying a brand name MIG welder, TIG welder, or a plasma cutter is always a good investment that eventually pays off, many see high initial prices as limitations.

Therefore, NorthernToool Black Friday deals give those on a limited budget a chance to get a professional welder at reasonable prices. In addition, you can browse for some of the best welding helmets on the market.

To ensure you don’t miss out on seasonal deals and Black Friday promotions, follow our blog and check the official webshop.

NorthernTools also launched early Black Friday Deals, and while prices are not significantly lower, you will get free shipping. You have a chance to grab excellent value power tools, hand tools, or generators, but also welding machines and equipment.

Here are our top picks and recommendations.

WelderNameProcessRated OutputDuty CycleDiscountPrice

Image of a hobar handler 210MVP
Hobart Handler 210 MVPMIG
Flux Core
25 - 210 A30% at 160 A$100 +
Free Shipping
Check Current Price Northern tool
Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG WelderHobart Handler 140MIG
Flux Core
20-140 A20% at 90A$20 +
Free Shipping
Check Current Price Northern Tool
Lincoln Easy MIGLincoln EasyMIG 140 WelderMIG
Flux Core
30-140 A20% at 90A$30 +
Free Shipping
Check Current Price Northern Tool
Lincoln Electric EagleLincoln Electric Eagle 10,000 PlusMIG/Flux Core
50-225 A40% at 225A$250Check Current Price Northern Tool
Hobart Ironman 240 With SpoolRunner 200 (500574001)Hobart IronMan 240 WelderMIG
Flux Core
30-280 A60% at 200 amps$100 +
Free Shipping
Check Current Price Northern Tool

Eastwood Welding Deals

Eastwood has been part of the DIY community and autobody industry since 1978. Today, they produce high-quality MIG welders and TIG welders for sheet metal and serious projects, as well as versatile multi-process machines. Besides welding, there is a wide variety of solutions for the autobody business, including car parts, tools, paints, and powder coatings.

While there are six retailers in the US, you can always quick shop at the Eastwood website to get the best deals. In addition, Eastwood keeps up with trends in seasonal shopping, so you can either shop or gift one of its amazing weld machines or tools and find a good deal.

eastwood logo

Our blog will keep you posted with all Black Friday shopping options with Eastwood, so check it regularly for updates.

Eastwood launched his epic Black Friday deals where you can save up to 70% on specific equipment, including their awesome welders. Here are the recommended deals we find the most valuable at this moment.

WelderNameProcessRated OutputDuty CycleDiscountPrice
Eastwood Elite Mp200i
Eastwood Elite MP200i Multi Process WelderMIG
30-200 A 20% at 200A$100.02Check Current Price Eastwood
eastwood tig200 acdcEastwood TIG 200 AC/DC WelderAC/DC TIG
10-190 A60% at 190 A$200.02Check Current Price Eastwood
Eastwood Versa Cut 60Eastwood Versa Cut 60 Plasma CutterPlasma Cutter60 A60% at 60 A$130.02Check Current Price Eastwood
Eastwood 90 flux
Eastwood Flux Core 90Flux core90 A20% at 90 A$163.01Check Current Price Eastwood
Eastwood Versa Cut 20 Amp Plasma CutterEastwood Versa Cut 20Plasma Cutting20 A40% at 15 A$130.02Check Current Price Eastwood

Amazon Welding Deals

At Amazon, you can buy nearly everything, from technology to home stuff, but also welding equipment. Some of the top sellers, such as Lincoln, Miller, ESAB, or Hobart, sell their supplies and welders on Amazon, so there is no doubt you can get the most out of one place.

However, since buyers in the past had negative experiences with buying from Amazon, we don’t recommend it as our number one choice.

amazon logo

Nonetheless, Amazon is one of the go-to choices for grabbing some of the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. If you are persistent enough, you can purchase excellent welding machines at sale for more than reasonable prices and get excellent value. The equipment prices and availability may vary with Amazon due to high volume purchases, but that might also be the case with brands and their shops, so you should pay close attention.

We find Amazon an excellent place to shop for a welding helmet. To save you hours of grunt work of browsing and refreshing, here are some quick shop recommendations for the best welding helmet deals from Amazon.

HelmetNameShade RangeOptical ClarityViewing AreaDiscountPrice
YesWelder LYG-500A
YesWelder LYG-500ADIN9~131/1/1/23.64"X1.67"20%Check Current Price Amazon
DEKOPRO DX-800S Welding helmet
DEKOPRO DX-800SDIN9~131/1/1/23.85"’ x 3.15"20%Check Current Price Amazon
TEKWARE Luminous Welder Mask
TEKWARE Luminous Welder MaskDIN9~131/1/1/23.94"x3.27"20%Check Current Price Amazon
ANDELI Digital Auto Darkening Helmet
ANDELI Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet DIN9~131/1/1/1 3.94"X3.74"30%Check Current Price Amazon
ARCCAPTAIN Welding Helmet
ARCCAPTAIN Welding HelmetDIN9~131/1/1/1 3.86”×1.69”10%Check Current Price Amazon
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