Welding Schools in Vermont

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Students in Vermont have a relatively limited choice of welding schools. Nevertheless, all three schools are part of the AWS SENSE program, which offers a proper welding certificate. Keep in mind that some jobs don’t require a welding certificate, but getting one improves your chances of getting employed significantly.

Besides accreditation, you should pay attention to the school level and program cost. Getting proper on-hands and theoretical knowledge is crucial. After graduating, you should be able to start welding on your own. Keep in mind that some schools even help their students find their first job and prove their skills. We made this list of welding schools in Vermont to help you make the right choice and make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Average Welder Salary in Vermont

Even though Vermont employs 330, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor, they can earn a mean annual wage of $44,610 or an hourly median salary of $21.41. This amount is slightly lower than the national mean welder wage of $ 46,690, but the top 10% of highly qualified welders in Vermont can earn up to $60,250.

Most of the welders in Vermont are employed in the fabrication and manufacturing industry, but there are various career options. The railroad and motor vehicle industry have the highest concentration of employed welders, nearly 15%.

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List of Welding Schools in Vermont

Here is a list of welding schools in Vermont, with additional information, to help you choose the best school and start your education. The provided information may change, and if you notice any differences, please contact us. We hope this list will help you choose the right school and start your welding career.

Advanced Welding Institute

  • Address: 2 Green Tree Dr #3, South Burlington, VT 05403
  • Phone number: (802) 660-0600
  • Website: https://awi.edu/
  • Credentials Offered: Certification
  • SENSE School Level 1
  • AWS Accredited Test Facility
  • Total Full-Time Program cost: Structural Welding $21,300, Structural and Pipe Welding $26,500
  • Student/Teacher ratio: 11:1
  • Employment rate: 74%

River Valley Technical Center

  • Address: 307 South St, Springfield, VT 05156
  • Phone number: (802) 885-8300
  • Website: https://www.rvtc.org/
  • Credentials Offered: Certification
  • SENSE School Level 1
  • Student/Teacher ratio: 14:1
  • Education cost: about $1,500

Stafford Technical Center

  • Address: 8 Stratton Rd, Rutland, VT 05701
  • Phone number: (802) 770-1033
  • Website: https://staffordonline.org/
  • Credentials Offered: Certification
  • SENSE School Level 1
  • Median education cost: $1,500
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