Best Welding Table Reviews, Comparison Table, Pros & Cons, and Buyer’s Guide [2022]

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Have you tried welding on the ground or on any other table not made for welding purposes? I have and it’s horrible.

Besides back pain, knee pain, and perpetuity to set yourself on fire the work you do can often be categorized as garbage.

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So the next first thing I did was to get myself a proper welding table for my next job! (you can turn to DIY if you don’t have the money).

It is a well-known fact that to weld a nice bead you need to be comfortable and you need a nice straight leveled metal table. Yes, your best welding table, the welding table of your dreams, can probably be made by you and just the way you want it.

But here in the real world one simply does not have time for DYI projects that don’t make money.

You have (at least I did) to go and buy one. However, now comes the problem of choosing the best one. That is precisely why we wrote this article (15 min read) to tackle that problem (successfully I hope).

We made a list of the best welding tables on today’s market and a neat buyer’s guide to help with choosing the best one for the least amount of money. Please take a look at the reviews and with their help make a well-educated decision afterwards.

Best Welding Table Comparison Table

ImageNameSpecialsTypeTabletop TypeDimensions (LxW)HeightWeightCheck Price
Strong Hand Tools, Nomad, Steel Welding...
Strong Hand Tools NomadPortable welding tableTilted30″ x 20"26″ to 32″ Adjustable42.8 lbsCheck Current Price
Miller Electric ArcStation Workbench,...
ArcStation WorkbenchPortable welding tableSolid X Pattern29″ x 29"48″ Folded and 35″ Unfolded74 lbsCheck Current Price
Hobart Folding Welding Table
HOBART Folding Welding TablePortable welding tableSolid35″ x 19.534″, Fixed47.5 lbsCheck Current Price
Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation Fully...
Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation Fully LoadedFixed welding tableSolid X pattern29″ x 58″35″, Adjustable318 lbsCheck Current Price
Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit...
Klutch Steel Welding TableFixed welding tableModular36″ x 24″33″, Fixed72.6 lbsCheck Current Price
Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint Table and...
Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint TableFixed welding tableModular36″ x 24″34″, Fixed82 lbsCheck Current Price

Best Welding Tables Reviews

Having a good welding table will improve your work and efficiency. More importantly, it will improve safety around your workshop. A good smooth table with a flat surface set at a comfortable height will enhance your stability and allow you to finish the end product as best as possible.

Welding tables come in different shapes, table size, designs, and heights. You should always choose one based on your personal preference and needs.

Best Portable Welding Tables

A portable welding table allows more flexibility. If you are not regularly working from your shop, a portable welding table is going to be of much better use than a fixed one. These types of tables can easily be folded and carried around. They even come with wheels to move them easily without folding them up.

1. Strong Hand Nomad Portable Welding Table

stronghand tools nomad portable table

If you are looking for a quality welding table with great durability, then the Stong Hand Nomad portable table is the way to go. The table is completely foldable, allowing improved maneuverability, and comes with two caster wheels.

The surface area is measured at 20” x 30” and it also comes with three horizontal 1.1” x 22” clamp slots, which is more than favorable when working on different items of various shapes. The table has a weight capacity of 350lb max load, more than enough for a hobbyist.

It can easily be moved around as it weighs about 44lb. The height can be adjusted from 26″ to 32″.

Besides being sturdy and light, it has wheels and a handle on the side, allowing you to move it with ease. The surface area is quite enough, but if you are looking for something bigger you also have the option of buying two Nomad tables and join them with a Nomad Connector plate, extending your welding surface to 7.5’.

Strong Hand Tools, Nomad, Steel Welding Table, Three 1.1″ (28mm) Tabletop Slots, Adjustable Angle...
  • Three 1. 1″ (28mm) slots in the tabletop allow for insertion of clamps to reach any point on the table.
  • Tabletop tilts to three positions: Horizontal, 30°, and folded for mobility.
  • Two retractable, perpendicular steel guide rails can be used as guides, stops, or clamping edges.
  • Affordable, convenient welding and work table for the welding shop or home shop

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Pros & Cons Summarized


  • Great value for money
  • Powder coating instead of paint
  • Sturdy and functional
  • Easily foldable
  • Tabletop can be tilted


  • Not suitable for heavy duty work
  • Manual not well written


  • Type: Portable Table
  • Material: Steel
  • Material Thickness: 14 Gauge
  • Dimensions (LxW): 30″ x 20″
  • Height: Adjustable 26″ to 32″
  • Tabletop Position: Horizontal, 30°, Folded
  • Clamp Spot: Three 1.1″ Slots
  • Weight: 42.8 lbs

2. Miller Portable ArcStation

miler portable arcstation welding table

The Miller Electric ThePortable ArcStation is similar to the Strong Hand Nomad, except it is more expensive while not giving you as much as the Nomad. It is better in quality, though, and is more stable thanks to its incredible leg structure. It can carry a bigger load, compared to most portable tables, but as a consequence, it is heavier and cannot be moved around as easily as it should.

Some favorable additions are the removable gun holder and the powder-coat finish surface, which prevents MIG slag from sticking. So it can be more than helpful if you are feeling a bit lazy or simply don’t have the time to clean off the slag.

It also comes with an X pattern which allows you to use Miller welding clamps, but the downside is that they are sold separately. The weight is definitely an issue at 74lbs, making it difficult to fold, but it has the ability to support a 500lb max load. Overall height is 48″ folded and 35″ unfolded.

Miller Electric ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29x29, Blue (300837)
  • Overall height- 48" folded and 35" unfolded
  • Overall depth- 6" folded
  • Load capacity- 500 lbs
  • Blue

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Pros & Cons Summarized


  • Sturdy and quality built table
  • Best for DIY and home projects
  • X pattern tabletop
  • Removable welding gun holder


  • High weight for portable table
  • Expensive


  • Type: Portable Table
  • Material: Steel
  • Material Thickness: 3/16″
  • Tabletop Style: Solid
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 29″ x 29″ x 35″
  • Height: Adjustable 26″ to 32″
  • Overall Height: 48″ Folded and 35″ Unfolded.
  • Clamp Spot: Three 1.1″ Slots
  • Net Weight: 74 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

3. Hobart Folding Table

hobart folding welding table

The Hobart folding table is a simple welding table for anyone on the budget. It requires no assembly and you can use it right away after unpacking. The tabletop is set at a height of 34 inches but is unfortunately not adjustable. Nevertheless, it is a good height for most people.

The entire surface is 35 X 19.5 inches and the table weighs 47.5 lbs. It can hold a load of up to 350 lbs and the thickness of the tabletop is 20 gallons. The rust-resistant steel tabletop is a good addition as well.

Compared to the Nomad table, it is sturdier and more solid but doesn’t have some of the nice features for holding your hand tools like table slots for a welding clamp. Nevertheless, it can endure some heavier pieces that you plan to work on.

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Pros & Cons Summarized


  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy and quality built table
  • Easily folded
  • Best for small projects


  • Surface not flat


  • Type: Portable Table
  • Material: Steel
  • Material Thickness: 1/8″
  • Tabletop Style: Solid
  • Dimensions (LxW): 35″ x 19.5″
  • Height: Adjustable 26″ to 32″
  • Overall Height: 34″ Fixed.
  • Clamp Spot: Three 1.1″ Slots
  • Net Weight: 47.5 lbs

Best Fixed Welding Tables

Fixed welding tables come with their own advantages. If you are planning to do some heavy-duty work from your workshop, then a fixed table is a much better choice. These tables are bigger, sturdier, and can support the added weight. There are variations with modular options and ones with wheels or casters and additional holes.

1. Miller 951413 60SX ArcStation Fully Loaded

miller arc station fully loaded welding table

The Miller brand 951413 60SX ArcStation is an upgraded version of the ArcStation Workbench. It comes with a much wider range of features perfect for both a DIY worker or a commercial welder.

The surface top is a solid 3/8 inch of steel and it also comes with X-patterns for clamps. Underneath it, you will find a dust tray and drawers where you can store your hand tools. Additionally, it comes with a welding curtain for protection, a 5-inch vise with the mouth, a gun holder, S-Series caster wheels, and adjustable leveling.

It does need assembly as it will be delivered to you in 14 boxes and may take about 5 hours to erect. However, the invested time in putting it together will pay off as you will have a really nice table to weld on after you are done.

Miller 951413 60SX Arcstation Fully Loaded
  • Welding Tables
  • Welding Tables and Accessories
  • Welding

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Pros & Cons Summarized


  • One of the best work stations on the market
  • Comes with welding curtain, vice kit, caster kit, toolchest, convenience kit
  • For professional welders
  • Fully loaded, and fully customizable
  • 1 year Miller warranty


  • Surface not flatExpensive
  • Takes 5 hours to assemble


  • Type: Fixed table
  • Material: Steel
  • Material Thickness: 3/8″
  • Tabletop Style: Solid, X-Pattern
  • Dimensions (LxW): 29″ x 58″
  • Height: 35″ Adjustable
  • Load Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Net Weight: 318 lbs

2. Klutch Steel Welding Table

the kluutch steel fixed welding table

The Klutch steel work table is an exceptional product as it represents great value for money. It is small but is able to help you complete various welding projects that you have in store.

The worktop dimensions are 36 x 24 inches and have a 4mm thick surface. The max load is 600lb, making it more solid than a foldable table. The highest is not adjustable but the legs do have adjustable leveling feet.

The surface has several 16mm holes spaced at 2 inches apart.

The holes allow you to fix any piece of sheet metal firmly into the desired position. The Klutch table also includes a 24 piece kit in which you will find 4 stop bases with stop plates, 4 threaded adapters, 8 V-blocks, 4 magnetic rests, and 4 magnetic rests.

It is a quality table with plenty of amenities that enable you to work on any project and can be perfect feet if you are able to go past the absence of height adjustability.

Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit - 36in.L x 24in.W x 33 1/4in.H
  • 4mm thick, fixed position steel top with 2mm thick steel frame handles a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.
  • Standard 16mm holes are evenly spaced 2in. apart for exceptional flexibility in fixture setup
  • 24-pc. metal fit-up kit includes: 4 threaded adapters, 4 stop bases with stop plates, 4 magnetic rests, 8 V-blocks and 4 inserted clamps
  • Stand alone or benchtop configuration

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Pros & Cons Summarized


  • Sturdy and quality built
  • Great value for money
  • Flat, fixed surface
  • 24 pcs. toolkit included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for DIY and beginners


  • Heavy fixed table
  • Low quality toolkit included


  • Type: Fixed table
  • Material: Steel
  • Metal Fit-up Kit: 24 pcs
  • Holes: 16 mm, 2″ apart
  • Tabletop Style: Modular
  • Dimensions (LxW): 36″ x 24″
  • Height: 34″ Fixed
  • Load Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Net Weight: 72.6 lbs

3. Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint Table

stronghand fixturepoint welding table

The Strong Hand FixturePoint table is perfect for a small shop and can be easily put together. Even though it is small, it is pretty sturdy with a load capacity of 500lb, a 4mm thick top, and an overall weight of 85lbs. It is 34 inches high, but can only be used as a tabletop at 34 inches high.

The top has many 16mm holes and the holes are spaced on a 2”x2” grid pattern. It also has a 28-piece component package where you can easily fit all of your hand tools and the metal piece in place.

Unfortunately, this model also comes a bit on the expensive side, so it might not fit in every welders’ price range.

The best part of it is the clamping fixtures for working with MRO parts. Investing a little bit of more money into this kind of table might prove to be favorable in the long run.

Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint Table and Tools Kit - 24-Pc. Startup Kit, Round Stock, Model Number...
  • 36in.L x 24in.W alloy steel tabletop is 4mm thick for strength and durability
  • Has 16mm holes evenly spaced in a 2in. x 2in. grid pattern across the surface for complete flexibility
  • Use in 6 1/4in. tabletop only height, or attach the included leg frame for 34in. standing height
  •  For use with round stock applications

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Pros & Cons Summarized


  • Sturdy and quality built
  • 24 pcs. toolkit included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for light projects


  • Heavy, fixed table


  • Type: Fixed table
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Metal Fit-up Kit: 24 pcs
  • Holes: 16 mm, 2″ apart
  • Tabletop Style: Modular
  • Dimensions (LxW): 36″ x 24″
  • Height: 34″ Fixed
  • Load Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Net Weight: 82 lbs

Welding Table Buying Guide

An important welding project will require a sturdy surface to work on, which only a good welding table can provide.

But in order to choose the best table to hold the metal piece that you plan to work on, a buyer has to think about several things before getting one.

Construction Quality

When considering the construction quality of a table you have to think about safety, durability, quality of material, and overall performance. It is always best to choose a table that is made out of quality and strong materials, like steel for instance. Also, never compromise on quality to save on costs.

Better quality also means a larger lifespan. You don’t want a table that will go to waste fast, no matter if it costs you a bit more. It works even better if the table can be easily assembled and possesses user-friendly operations.


Choosing the right materials improves the safety and quality of the products you are welding. Steel welding tables work the beast because they can endure the damage create by heat and sparks. A wooden table simply won’t do as it poses a fire hazard with no heat reduction.


Portability is important depending on the work you are going to do. If you are doing a lot of heavy-duty projects, then a big, fixed table is the one to go with.

However, if you plan to do a lot of outfield work or simply want more space in your garage, a carbon steel foldable table is the way to go.

A welding table that allows more portability can be carried wherever you need it.

image of welding table at work

Additionally, you can fold it up and hang it on the wall of your workshop allowing you to have more free space.


The table size definitely matters depending on the difficulty and volume of the project you are doing. A welding table can range from 30″ square surface area to well off over 100″. These are also a bit taller than your regular table and can range anywhere between 25″ and 40″ tall. The best ones are adjustable.


Weight is important whether you are using a fixed or a portable table, but for different reasons. If you are using a fixed table, a heavier one is a lot better option as it allows stability. Some welders prefer anchoring a table down to prevent it from moving.

However, if you are required to move about then a lightweight portable table is a far better choice. A table that you need to move is going to be a lot suitable for welding projects done outdoors.

Motion Variation

A table with 360-degree movement allows for more flexibility. That way you can weld a work piece at a good table angle. You can secure workpieces with the help of X-pattern or horizontal clamping slots or corner clamps. This way, you are not going to be limited and can work from any position.

With optimal motion variation, you will be able to work on several joint types without issues, including cross joints and edge joints.

Load Capacity

Weight-bearing capacity will depend on the type of work you are going to do. Light-duty and medium-duty welding tasks do not require high load capacity so a welding table that supports between 300 – 500 pounds is more than enough.

However, if your work involves a heavy-duty industrial type of work, then a table that has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds or more is suitable.


Welding tables with added accessories can greatly improve your work. However, if you find some that have holes in them, this means that you will have to provide the accessories by yourself and buy them. But the ones that come with C-clamps are a much better value for money as you don’t have to spend additionally.

Some accessories that welding tables come with are angled braces, corner joints, trays used to catch debris, angle iron, a welding gun holder, guide rails, a welding screen, etc. There are actually plenty more useful ones available.


When it comes to the price of a welding table, it is quite natural that the pricier ones are going to last longer. They have better-built quality and are meant to take up more work than others. Also, they could be easily fixed if something breaks.

On the other hand, cheaper options are necessary. We can’t say that some aren’t good but the quality cannot be matched. A cheaper table will not last as long as a pricier one and may not be fixed if something breaks.

image of welder working at best welding table

All in all, it still depends on your budget, but if you want to save money in the long run, it is quite okay to invest some more money in your new table.

Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

What are the uses of welding tables?

A welding table’s main purpose is to provide a worker with a stable and solid workspace where they can weld

How do you prevent the welding table from rusting?

It is best to opt for a corrosion-resistant worktop when buying a table, but you can also use a non-aerosol Trigger Pro spray bottle to prevent corrosion.

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