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In early 2022, our welding blog decided to purchase the old juggernaut of the welding publishing industry weldingdesign.com.

Weldingpros.net now owns Weldingdesign.com, and we decided to consolidate the two brands under the name weldingpros.net. If you visit the weldingdesign.com domain, you will be forwarded to weldingpros.net because this is where we publish our current content.

Weldingdesign.com was a large online welding journal, and we acquired the website domain to improve our weldingpros.net brand’s reputation and market relevance. 

Weldingdesign.com was founded on September 15th, 2005, by the owners of the “Welding Design & Fabrication” printed welding journal. It used to be a major source of online information for professional and hobbyist welders. 

But after many years, weldingdesign.com went offline in late 2017. We saw this as an unfortunate event and a possible opportunity. Since many welders relied on weldingdesign.com to learn up-to-date information from the welding industry, we decided to merge weldingdesign.com with weldingpros.net.

We feel that the readers of weldingdesign.com share much of the same values and needs as the visitors of our parent blog, weldingpros.net, so we believe in good heart that the acquisition of weldingdesign.com will help the welding community that relies on it.

We stay committed to publishing relevant information to welders and metalworkers who employ various welding processes. Weldingpros.net will continue publishing how-tos, product reviews, and information about the welding career.

You can read our articles in the following categories:

Welding knowledge 101

This is where we share welding tips and explain complex welding processes and procedures. You can learn all about MIG, FCAW, TIG, MMA welding and plasma cutting, welding gasses, weld defects, testing methods, and much more.

Welding Safety

Welding is a dangerous profession, but it doesn’t have to be. In our blog on safety, you’ll learn everything about personal protective equipment, welding fumes, specifics of dangers related to arc welding and cutting processes, and other helpful information on how to protect yourself.

Welding Career

We strongly believe everyone can make it in the welding industry if they commit and truly love joining and cutting metal. That’s why we cover the welding careers in great detail, explaining the pros and cons, and how to start your welding career.

Welding Schools

We compiled a list of almost all welding schools in every US state. Our school rankings are subjective, but if you are considering joining a school or a welding course, please look at our thoughts on the best welding schools in the country.

Welders and Cutters

If you want to weld and cut metal, you must have the necessary equipment. Whether you want to TIG, MIG, or Stick weld, we’ve got you covered with our extensive product reviews. We only select the most professional welders for heavy-duty welding, and the most optimal welders for beginners and hobbyists. That way, you can choose between professional (and expensive) and hobbyist-level (inexpensive) equipment. 

Welding Resources

Here at weldingpros.net, we are always trying to push the envelope of what it means to be a welding blog. You’ll find many welding publications on the internet, but we are continuously developing useful welding resources you can use in your shop, and we are giving them away for free.

Our welding symbols guide is the best on the internet, and we can say that proudly. No one has yet published a more concise guide. In our article, you can download a 30+ page welding symbols PDF e-book for free. While we do sell this book on other marketplaces, it’s freely available on our website. Engineers from all industries have downloaded our book, and some have even emailed us to express their positive feedback about it, as you can see on our homepage.

We also developed a stick welding electrode calculator that gives you exactly which electrode to use depending on the welded material and other variables. Plus, in that article, you can also download the most comprehensive PDF on the internet classifying the ALL AWS specified stick welding electrodes. This includes those for welding steel, stainless, copper, nickel alloys, aluminum, and others.

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