Welding 101

If you are new to the world of welding then there are many questions you need to be answered.

Welding is essentially the process of joining two or more pieces of metal and adding the filler material. But there are so many ways to do this. And in this section, we will cover everything a beginner needs to know. From things like the different welding processes to the differences in the electrical current needed for the process.


Welders Guide: AC/DC How to Weld with Stick and TIG on Alternating Current

Alternating and Direct current is a must knowledge in the welding work. But you don’t need to know physics just how they affect the welder machines and why and how the specifics of the work will dictate which machine to use. In this article, we talk about the differences between AC and DC and how they are used for different welding types.

Most Popular Types of Welding Processes (2019)

There are so many different processes when it comes to welding but most of them are not widely applied. In this article, you will learn about the four most popular types in detail.

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