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Welders Guide: AC/DC How to Weld with Stick and TIG on Alternating Current

Welder using MIG torch

As a novice of the welding trade, you may from time to time hear your colleagues speak about different AC vs DC welding and what’s best to apply them when having some problems with welding. They will often talk about machines that can work on both direct and alternating current.

What to use? Which is better, AC or DC?

This is a frequently asked question in the workplace or on welding forums and is must-know knowledge when buying a TIG Welder (especially the more expensive ones).

So here is all that you need to know about this dilemma. Not to mention a few things that you don’t need to know but will help you better grasp the full picture.

AC/DC Differences

The graph of alternating and direct current. Image from:

AC and DC are different types of electrical current or voltage (V) used for the conduction and transmission of electrical energy all over the world. And what is electrical current?

It is the flow of charged particles the electrons. And the Difference between these two is in their flow.
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Most Popular Types of Welding Processes (2019)

Various welding types shown on image

Welding is a thrilling and enriching skill for amateurs and professionals alike. By utilizing only a couple of tools and various metal types, welders can transfigure any piece into any form and shape they want, all with sparks zipping around as they work.

However, in order to master the art of welding, you need to start with the fundamentals and educate yourself about the various types of welding processes.

“There are more than thirty different types of welding. They range from outdated but still used oxy-fuel to high-tech methods such as laser beam welding. However, there are only four basic welding processes”

They are MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux-cored arc welding. Each one of these has its own benefits and drawbacks and you must have adequate training to put them to practice.
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